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Washington, February 20, 2014
Facebook's social news reader app, Paper has reportedly fell down in Apple's top 100 free app chart a month after launch.
The Paper app for iPhone dipped to 110 in the US App Store rankings, before bouncing back to 91, just behind a third-party app called InstaSize. According to Mashable, the social news reader was launched on February 3 and was hyped for being CEO Mark Zuckerberg's version Facebook's future, a customized social newspaper for every user.

With all the hype around the app, Paper was positioned No. 2 in the App Store rankings in the early days.

However, sources have pointed that the recent decline in rankings was expected given all the initial hype.

Paper is the first app to come out of  Facebook Creative Labs, and built by a 15-person app development team that functions more like a startup within the company and stands in stark contrast to Poke, which Facebook has never updated, the report added.