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New Delhi, February 22, 2014
Hoping for some action between the sheets this weekend? It would do you well to keep a check on what you are eating.

Elite Daily points out there's a range of foods that will increase your blood glucose level, leading to fatigue and a lower sex drive, reports news.com.au.

So, instead of chocolate, go for celery.

The unsung green hero can increase the pheromone androsterone, which is a natural aphrodisiac found in men's sweat. Also, it can help dilate blood vessels, which increases sex drive and enhances climax.

To get yourself in the mint condition, guys should lose the green herb. The menthol in peppermint has been shown to reduce testosterone, which sends your sex drive crashing.

Chewing gum is equally bad for you. It adds air into your system, making you burp. Just the thing you don't want when you are getting close.

If you want a quick snack, bananas are a good option. They increase your energy production and reduces stress.