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HT Correspondent
Ranchi , February 27, 2014
The women drivers of pink autos in the state capital on Wednesday addressed a letter to SSP Bhimsen Tuti, highlighting the problem of alleged harassment by male drivers and requesting police action.
In the letter addressed by Sunita Devi and Hira Devi, two pink auto drivers, it was mentioned that women auto drivers were teased and harassed by male auto drivers on the Main Road near Big Bazaar and Argora Chowk.

The letter stated that drivers of pink autos which ply from Argora to Kutchery are feeling vulnerable due to this problem.

On Wednesday, the Jharkhand Diesel Auto Chalak Mahasangh (JDACM), the body that trained the women auto drivers, urged the police to take up the matter seriously and keep a watch on spots mentioned in the letter.

Arti Behra, chief, women’s wing of JDACM, suggested the pink auto drivers to carry chili powder. The police are taking the matter seriously and have assured to take necessary steps at the earliest.