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Parth Raj Marwaha, Hindustan Times
Jalandhar, March 23, 2014
Adulteration of bodybuilding supplements is rampant not only in the city but across the region.

A variety of bodybuilding supplements such as Whey Proteins, Casein, Pre-Workout, Post-Workout, Glutamine and Mass Gainers are available in the city. But shockingly, most of these supplements are either duplicate or adulterated.

Some reputed foreign brands like Optimum Nutrition, Muscle Tech, BSN, Dymatize, Gaspari are available in their duplicate form. Many brands are found even without proper seal, manufacturing address, batch number or company information. These brands are usually labelled as “Made in USA”.

Interestingly, some products are so identical with the original brands that it becomes difficult to distinguish them from each other.

Richi Sharma, a fitness trainer, said, “Youngsters these days are much concerned about their physique and spend lots of money on their diet.

Those belonging to middle class families save their pocket money to buy these supplements. They collect the product information from internet and end up buying fake products. These have grave side-effects on liver, kidney, stomach. They affect their sexual prowess as well.”

“Body building supplements do benefit the body. But in the grey market, such packs are filled with cheap steroids. These may produce dramatic results in the beginning but are ultimately hazardous to health,” Munish, a coach at CT Health Club, said.

Sukhrao Singh, food safety officer, Jalandhar, said, “The government has not fixed parameters for many food items. Taking advantage of such loopholes, businessmen continue to manufacture these products.”

As per the Food Safety Act, 2006, it is mandatory for all those involved in manufacturing, sale or supply of food supplements to get registered with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

“In India, there is no need for a photo ID and address proof to get a food licence. So it is very easy for people to obtain a food licence which gives them a chance to play with people’s health,” said Dr Harjot Pal Singh, a food safety officer from Jalandhar district.