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Torsha Sen, Hindustan Times
March 25, 2014
Kicking off on Wednesday, the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (Fall/Winter) is all set to begin the grilling schedule for models and designers. The leggy ladies that sashay down the ramps are tightening the belt around their slender waists, while the designers are working round the clock to put up a grand show. 

Krishna Somani Model
During fashion week, I cut down on partying and eating calorie-loaded food. I also devote more time to tone my body to get into tight-fitting clothes. I don’t do crash dieting, so I follow a healthy routine weeks before. Listening to chill music, pampering myself with a relaxing spa session helps a lot. 

Lakshmi Rana Model
These days, India is following the West in terms of makeup on the ramp. So minimum makeup is used, which means keeping your skin blemish-free and fresh. I do detox therapy, facials and manicure and pedicure at least a month in advance. To cut down on  stress, I also have  lot of fun and joke around at work.


Niketan Madhok Model
Be it hair colour or haircut, the looks that work are usually the ones that are very unconventional. Also, I walk for so many designers in a single day that sometimes there is a long gap between two shows and I get exhausted. So eating healthy, keeping my cool, being patient along with meditating also helps a lot.

Nikhil Mehra Designer
Although the clothes are the protagonist, models bring them to life. It’s like film making, where a director briefs his actors before a take. Since everything has to be according to the plan, I have to be very alert, and brief my models properly. At the same time, improvising and thinking on my feet helps.

Jenjum Gadi Designer
For me, even one hair on the skin, one pimple and a little flab on the waist can ruin a show. I have to ensure my models are prepared. Grooming is very essential. Also, as a designer, I brainstorm quite a lot with the set designers, choreographers, makeup artists and stylists, to put a look together.