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Jatinder Mahal, Hindustan Times
Jalandhar, March 27, 2014
With a view to bringing transparency in issuing of learner’s licences, the applicants will have to undergo a computer test from April onwards in the district.
Earlier, there was a written or oral test conducted by the motor vehicle inspector (MVI) for issuing a learner’s licence. But the process was found to be flawed as a result of which middlemen earned commissions to get licences issued.

In the new arrangement, likely to come into force on April 15, the applicants will take 10-mark computer test.

“There will be random questions about road safety and other aspects of driving. Those who would clear the test with seven or more marks will be eligible to get the learner’s licence. Other candidates can apply after some weeks,” said district transport officer (DTO) JS Dhillon.

As per the Punjab government orders, it is necessary for the applicants to pass the computerised test to get a learner’s licence. But it was delayed in Jalandhar, mainly due to staff shortage and constant transfers of DTOs.

A special room has also been form to conduct the test and applicants can visit the office concerned between 10 am and 1 pm on working days.

An average 3,000 people apply for learner’s licence every month in the district. The applicants will be charged Rs. 60 for application form, Rs. 30 for scanning and Rs. 50 as test fee.

The applicants should have attained 16 years of age to apply for the learner’s licence. They can only drive a vehicle with up to 50CC engine capacity without wearing safety gears.

“The new process will go a long way in minimising road accidents. Only those who understand the aspects of road safety will be issued licences,” The district transport officer further said.