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Darpan Singh, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, March 31, 2014
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said he would make life difficult for both Congress and BJP in the coming days. Addressing his first Lok Sabha poll rally in Delhi, only nine days before polling here, the AAP leader said, "These parties say I ran away from governance. I didn't flee to Pakistan. I will struggle here, die here. 'In parties ki naak me dam kar dunga'."

The AAP leader looked to boost the morale of the party, which has been facing criticism from some quarters after he chose to quit government in Delhi after 49 days and moved to fight Lok Sabha elections.

Thundering that "CM ki naukari chhodne ke liye jigra chahiye hota hai", Kejriwal said, "I never ran away; Lord Rama and Raja Harish Chandra also made sacrifices, thank god there was no BJP then to attack them."

Responding to Congress president Sonia Gandhi's jibe that governance was no child's play, Kejriwal said: "Soniaji shouldn't have said this about Rahul Gandhi." It evoked cheers from the supporters at Dwarka in West Delhi parliamentary constituency.

AAP candidate from West Delhi, Jarnail Singh, is pitted against Congress' MP Mahabal Mishra, and BJP candidate Pravesh Verma.

Kejriwal said AAP formed government in Delhi when an overwhelming majority in the Capital asked him to. "We had to quit when Congress and BJP joined hands and didn't let us work," he said.

"No party has ever done as much work as AAP did in those 49 days," he said.  

Attacking BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi, who called Kejriwal a Pakistani agent and AK-49, the AAP leader said, "Nothing moves in Gujarat without payment of bribe."

He accused both Congress and BJP of not allowing fresh elections from being held in Delhi. Kejriwal said after parliamentary elections in Delhi, he would go to Varanasi to defeat Modi and urged the crowd to go with him to the temple town.

Kejriwal said if people defeated Modi and Rahul Gandhi, both NDA and UPA would be finished. "Kumar Vishwas has told me he would defeat Rahul Gandhi by a huge margin," he said.

In the December 2013 assembly elections, AAP had made a spectacular debut with 28 seats. But the latest ABP-Nielsen opinion poll in Delhi indicates that AAP may be losing ground.

After taking part in public rallies and road shows in Haryana, Kejriwal will now campaign in Delhi every day. He will campaign for Chandni Chowk nominee Ashutosh on Tuesday.