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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, April 03, 2014
After a novel, Almost Single, and Bollywood film, Kahaani (2012; she co-wrote the script), writer Advaita Kala will now make her television debut with an upcoming show that stars Tulip Joshi. She now talks about its women-centric subject, realistic characters and more. 

How has the experience of writing for television been?
I was interested in TV, as there is a lot of scope to develop characters and storylines. I’ve always believed in women-centric stories. There is an opportunity to tell real stories about real women on TV, which was a huge motivator. I got the room to develop it according to my vision.  

Though Kahaani was a hit and paved the way for many women-centric films in recent times, do you feel that it’s easier to work with such subjects on TV?
Definitely. The male presence in films is strong, but TV has a female-led audience. Stories about women are far more acceptable. However, I ensure that I have a strong male character in my stories too.

Why did you cast Tulip Joshi?
I wanted an actor who had silent confidence. She was brilliant in Matrubhoomi (2003). Her character on the show is a person who has achieved her dreams and is navigating through a male-dominated society. Many single, working women have to rely on themselves and we will portray that. TV characters should be realistic.

Indian TV isn’t experimental. Did you add elements to make the show more TV-friendly?
This show was under development for a year and the producers, channel and I worked hard to come to a consensus and today we have it. It will be a seasonal show, which I feel leads to quality writing. Whether it succeeds or not, I know it will be something different.

Is direction next for you?
At some point. I can’t believe I am going on record about it. (laughs).