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Ankita Ganguli, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, April 04, 2014
Love myths are sometimes silly, overly romantic, or way too depressing. But they always get us, don't they? So, why do we fall for them? Romantic novels and mawkish movies play a bigger role in our relationship than we might think. That said, regardless of how anti-romantic it sounds, the truth is: you are the one in charge of your love life!

So, is there a formula to a successful relationship?  The stereotypes that claim to define what works and what doesn’t in a relationship, do they really hold?

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We attempt to dispel popular love myths of all times; one myth at a time. Here goes it:

1 Opposites attract
The bad boy and the innocent girl, the princess and the scoundrel, the millionaire and the maid, the chauvinist and the feminist. Bollywood says they’re all matches made in heaven but the truth is they are suffered on earth!

2 Men are rational, while women are emotional
Just because women are too emotional doesn’t mean they don’t think objectively.
It's a myth, a big one at that, that since men are the breadwinners, their thinking must be pragmatic. Women, on the other hand, are believed to be impulsive and often irrational in their approach to life.

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3 Love at first sight
Really? Sparks flying across the room, heart beating in your chest, knees knocking - you think its love? Well, it might sound like a clichéd romantic novel of lust and love, not 'Love-aria' for sure. Probably, go, visit a doctor. Or get a hobby. Or just get a life!

4 Love is blind
Pyaar andha kya, lula langda aur behera bhi hota hai..
Okay, so we know that sometimes love can make us do crazy things. Here is the secret- if you gain 100 pounds or lose three teeth, chances are your partner won't be happy and they won't be as attracted to you. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that your partner will love you no matter what.

5 Healthy couples don't argue
This myth should have been dead 20 years ago. Obviously arguing all the time is bad and if you seem to bicker regularly it might be time to sit down and talk things through, but heated discussions are a part of life and can release built up frustrations - just make sure you make up before you go to sleep. Also, don't make it a habit.