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Medha Shri Dahiya, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, April 10, 2014
She is known to live life on her own terms and her joie de vivre is ­contagious. Actor Sushmita Sen likes to love, and has no place for harbouring hate. In her signature style, she ­dispels the reported rivalry with actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, with whom she may share screen space in Prahlad Kakkar’s upcoming film.

“I live my life loving people; not ­loving is a waste of time and life,” she says, apart from a lot more.

It has been long since we saw you on the big screen. Why have you been away?
Yes, it has been quite ­some time. I want these three years to come back. I want to do great cinema. 2014 is my year ... I used to say this to people earlier, and now it is turning out to be true. I am doing a few films and then I am ­starting my own studio.

Is marriage on your mind? Are you in love?
It has been on my father’s mind more than mine. I will have an incredible marriage when I know I have found the right person. Do I love? Yes. Am I in love? No. 

Age does not seem to be ­catching up with you...
You have to love yourself and accept everything about ­yourself. People reject things like ageing. But every ­wrinkle, every line makes us who we are, those are what we have earned. Today, I am 38. Tomorrow I will be 40 and I will still celebrate myself ...

After I ended up with a bad back 10 years ago, a young boy introduced me to the acrobatic concept of aerial silk. It’s about training your mind before body. I took to it like a fish to water. 

How do you stay so positive?
You become what inspires you. You should do what you like. If you want to be an actor, become one. I wanted to be famous, so that I could touch lives. I wanted to leave an impact that will stay long after I am gone and dusted.

You just got your seventh tattoo.
Earlier, I had my children’s name. My seventh tattoo is inspired by Kabbalah and it’s God’s name in Hebrew, Elohim. In English, it means “I am that I am”.