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Washington, April 11, 2014
A new study has revealed that there are chances that one's sexual partner can tell if they are faking their orgasms and are really satisfied or not. Read: Why men and women get orgasms

The study conducted by University of Waterloo found that men and women are equally perceptive of their partners' levels of sexual satisfaction.

The researchers also identified sexual communication and ability to recognize emotions as important factors that predict accuracy in gauging one partner's sexual satisfaction.

Erin Fallis said that on average, both men and women have fairly accurate and unbiased perceptions of their partners' sexual satisfaction and having good communication about sexual issues helped participants to understand their partners' sexual satisfaction.

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Fallis added that however, even if sexual communication was lacking, a person could still be fairly accurate in gauging his or her partner's sexual satisfaction if he or she was able to read emotions well.

The study was published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.