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Leena Dhankhar, Hindustan Times
Gurgaon, April 24, 2014
There is widespread outrage over the bail granted to the errant Haryana Roadways bus driver, who mowed down a 44-year-old cardiologist and three-year-old daughther in Gurgaon on Monday, within hours of the incident. The social media is abuzz with demands to enforce stricter laws to tackle such crimes. The need of the hour is to strengthen the legal system by modifying laws so that serious punishment is given to the accused, people posted on social media sites.

The family of Pankaj Gupta, the cardiologist, is also irrate and vowed to get justice for him and his daughter.


GurgaonMoms, a social media group, is spreading a message on facebook: “Let us create a concrete plan on how to do something effective. Candle light march just brings the issue to the limelight. And then everything dies down. Let’s have something more concrete and more effective that we shall follow-up on and close.”

In a similar incident on October 18, 2006 a young radioloigist, Dr. Amit Diwan, was killed after an engineering student riding a Tata Safari ran over him outside his residence in Sector 10A. After the family had raised their voice, a simple case of rash and negligent driving was converted into murder.

 Apart from the area RWA, the Indian Medical Association had played a key role in converting the sections against the accused.

Pawan Kumar Gupta, cousin brother of the deceased cardiologist, said: “We have taken the opinion of our lawyer and we will not let the driver roam freely. We are not going to sit idle...the family members will speak to more lawyers and will ensure the accused gets booked for murder.”

“Despite killing two family members the driver is free to commit more crimes. He will join his duty in a few days and will again drive on the road at a high speed, taking more lives. The condition of my brother’s wife Jyoti is bad. She is hoping to see them again. The tragic accident that took place in front of her eyes has destroyed her happiness”, said Gupta.

The residents of the area have also decided to take steps in order to ensure that the accused is put behind bars. They plan to approach the police commissioner to help the family get justice.

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