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Amrah Ashraf, Hindustan Times
May 03, 2014
You know that girl who pops up on Facebook dressed like she’s straight out of the Zara store, posting a selfie from a local fish market? Or that girl who tumbles off the curb in nothing less than Michael Kors, fancy accessories falling off her? Surely you’ve seen style bloggers reaching for Instagram filters. God knows we’re bored of these ‘main bhi fashionistas’.

That’s why we’ve decided to make fun of some classic high-street selfie poses in the hope that they will die a quick death.


The Crosslegger: She doesn’t usually stand like that. In fact no one does. Why in pictures, then? Because it makes them look cute, na? The Good Ol’ Teapot: She’s so cool that she won’t bother showing you her face. Her back is good enough for you. But we know what she’s actually trying to do is hide the big lunch she had. And well, teapotting is the easiest way to look thin. The Slouch Potato: She’s so cool, she doesn’t even need to stand straight. Makes us wonder what on earth is going on with that spine. And who made this pose popular in the first place? The busy tone: She’s got the perfect ‘I don’t care about you, but OMG how awesome am I’ look. Her style: so right now. Her pose: dude, not right now! The looker looking away: She may start off by looking away from the camera, then looking into the distance, maybe looking back at you timidly and then looking at her feet. She’s on her way somewhere, yet still posing. Fascinating stuff, isn’t it?

From HT Brunch, May 4
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