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Hindustan Times
May 17, 2014
The trio is back together!

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Ron Weasely (Rupert Grint) will be working together on a new film, made especially for the new ride which opens as a part of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida.

The trio will be featured in brand new scenes that will play during the ride. “They’ll be there! It’s quite exciting, they’re regrouping for one last adventure. It’s all new, it’s a brand new film, and it’s absolutely great quality, involving the films team, a merging of the film team and the Universal production team.” Alan Gilmore, the art director for both the rides and the films, told an international TV network.

To increase the enthusiasm, even more of the actors were involved in filming new scenes for the ride. Warwick Davis is a lock to reprise his role as Griphook. “Of course you have He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named doing a cameo,” Gilmore said.

When asked about any new ideas, Gilmore said, “I have to say, one that keeps popping up, I too, like many, would like a Ministry of Magic experience, that’s just  me. It’s just such a cool place, so maybe someday.” It is going to be a huge treat for the fans and they all seem to be looking forward to it.