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Rameshinder Singh Sandhu , Hindustan Times
June 02, 2014
Is flaunting the latest trend the only way to look stylish? This is what we asked a few students of the National Institute of Fashion Designing, Ludhiana, during a visit to their campus. As expected, these future fashion designers had unique opinions about the latest trends.

However, they all agreed upon the fact that, though flaunting latest styles were desirable, one must also ensure that the outfit that he or she plans to flaunt, gels well with his or her personality, body structure and the occasion.

With the summer underway, girls here have bid adieu to denim jeans and salwarkameez suits and prefer wearing jump-suits, long maxi dresses and one-piece dresses instead. Pointing out to dresses that a few girls were wearing on campus, students Ramanpreet Kaur and Avneet Kaur said that during summer, jump-suits and onepiece dresses proved to be comfortable. They felt that tight jeans or suits would irk them during summer.

Another student, Kanu Verma, shared with us a few colours that most girls like: “Other than the classics: white and black, bright colours are loved by all and in terms of design, floral and animal prints are very popular.”

They informed us that luxury watches, bags, purses and bold rings are some of their favourite accessories. While most of them conceded that wearing branded accessories was a must, student Shipra Ghai had a different view: “At times, non–branded products are more creative and may even leave branded products behind. I don’t think that only branded products can make us look good. Hopping to local markets should not be avoided,” she says.

Another student, Armeen adds, “Huge collections of bags and purses are available in vibrant designs at local markets. In many cases, fake brands are also available. But like most others, I always prefer original, branded products, as they make me feel confident”.

Many girls chorused that taking good care of hands and feet during summer was a must. One need not go for regular manicures and pedicures, they said. They added that following basic beauty care at home should be enough.