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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Kanpur, June 13, 2014
Within hours, the victim of an alleged gang-rape inside the police station has taken a U-turn on the whole event denying that the incident ever occurred. She made the confession in course of answering a 50-point questionnaire put before her. On the other hand, her entire story fell to pieces after it emerged the the accused subinspector was in Banda, 80 km away, at the time of incident. And the medical examination as well did not corroborate that she was raped. “She fabricated the whole story. Why she did so, the police are trying to find out,” said Amitabh Yash, DIG Banda.

All she has spoken to the female police officers who asked her questions as per the questionnaire she was fed up with frequent arrest of her husband and losing money on the legal process. Her husband is a history sheeter criminal with more than 25 cases against him.

On Wednesday, the woman claimed that she left the police station after being gangraped. She alleged the cops of threatening her not to speak about the rape or else her husband will be arrested.