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Halim Mondal, Hindustan Times
Nadia, July 05, 2014
Throughout his 37-year old political career, Abdullah Mollah has never bowed down to pressure, or favour. But since Thursday evening, after he volunteered to disclose that he handed over one of Tapas Pal’s video tapes to the media, the 55-year old has felt a few shivers down his spine.

“I do feel nervous, especially with everybody telling me reprisal is imminent,” Mollah told HT sitting in the Dogachi panchayat office, where he is deputy chief, on Friday afternoon.

He said that he handed over only the third video to the media where Pal was seen asking his supporters to hit the opponents right in the middle of the head.

About 150 km to the north east of Kolkata, Mollah lives in a humble brick house at Nangla village, with two of four daughters and two sons.  “We cannot tell you anything,” said Jaynab Bibi, Mollah’s wife.

“I am yet to get a single phone call from any leader of CPI(M) though I risked so much by taking the decision, ,” said Mollah.

He is particularly afraid of the 12-km stretch that he passes through daily to reach the panchayat office from his home.

On Thursday evening, Mollah surprised many by volunteering to appear before the camera and said, “I handed over the Tapas Pal footage to the media.”