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Kavita Awaasthi , Hindustan Times
Mumbai, July 16, 2014
Of late, comedian Kapil Sharma has been finding himself in the news for a number of reasons. Now, actor Ajaz Khan has alleged that although he was invited to be part of Kapil’s show and even shot for it, the makers haven’t aired the episode.

“Kapil is an insecure actor. They pleaded with me to come as a celebrity guest and shot an entire episode with me, but now, they aren’t airing it. I want to know why. They aren’t even returning my calls. Maybe they were stuck in a situation and had to deliver an episode, so they called me. I was told it would air in a week. They paid me a lot to be on the show, so what was the point?” says Ajaz, adding, “I overpowered Kapil, which might be the reason for this. I even asked Kapil if he was fine with my act, and he said that he had fun.”

When contacted, the show’s creative director, Preeti Simoes, offers a different version of the story. She says, “After Kamaal R Khan did so recently, more people are using Kapil’s name for publicity. He (Ajaz) has been calling me to ask when the episode will appear, and I have told him that we will inform him when it airs.”

Simoes also refutes Ajaz’s claim of being a celebrity guest. “He is an actor who was paid to play a character in a skit. We shoot gags in advance and then shoot the celebrity integration for each episode. Depending on the celebrity, we use certain gags for an episode,” she explains.