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London, July 19, 2014
A survey has revealed that Saturday, July 19 is the day in the decade when Britons have most sex because of the perfect combination of the day, date and the month.

A poll conducted on 3,000 British people's bedroom habits, which was commissioned by sex toy firm, Lovehoney, showed that Brits had sex most frequently on Saturdays, preferably the third week of the month, 19th being the most popular day, and July the most preferred month, reports the Daily Express.

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Out of the lot, 44% cent of couples picked Saturdays to be their favourite 'love-making' day.

Richard Longhurst, co-owner of Lovehoney, said that 19 July was set to be the steamiest of the next decade with Britons having the most sex in the whole of the next decade at 7.37pm on Saturday night.

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The poll also found that the activity was usually followed by a romantic meal or time spent cuddling in front of the TV, and that 62% of couples regularly had 'date nights' to keep specific days of the week free for romantic fun.

Also, half of couples were so busy that they had to 'schedule' sex with their partner, while six out of ten couples, booked a hotel getaway specifically for alone time, sex and intimacy.