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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, July 28, 2014
TV actor Divyanka Tripathi seems to be going through a tough time of late. She recently made news when her jewellery was robbed from the sets of her show.

Then, another report revealed that a water leak in her make-up room ruined her laptop. Now, the latest mishap has also occurred on the sets of her show.

"Divyanka was walking from her make-up room to the sets, when a drunken man started following her. Initially, she ignored him as she didn’t want to create any unnecessary drama, but then he refused to leave and kept trying to talk to her," says an onlooker from the sets.

It was then that her co-star Karan Patel intervened. "He roughed up the guy, and, after things got heated up a bit, some other people from the sets also got involved. Ultimately, the man was reported to the police," says the source.  

Divyanka, meanwhile, is glad that Karan was there for her.

"I am not a violent person, and I had decided to carry on with my shoot. Yet when Karan stood up for me, it felt good. Somewhere in my heart, I wanted someone to teach that [drunken] man a lesson," she says. 

Karan adds, "I can’t tolerate such ill-mannered people, and especially those who misbehave with women. Just because a woman doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean you can humiliate her. It’s high time we learnt to respect women and stand up for them."