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Agence France-Presse
August 01, 2014
The Taiwanese company is getting ready to reveal a new product in New York on August 19 but what could it be? A smartwatch, a new phone or a tablet? Well it looks like we might have to wait and see. That's because this time HTC is trying to give absolutely nothing away ahead of the reveal in a little over two weeks' time.

The press invites are devoid of graphics or clues and there are no posts to Facebook, Twitter or Vine either.

Despite the company's silent treatment, we know HTC to be working on a number of products. It is currently developing a smartwatch and is also tipped to unveil a Google Nexus-branded 8.9-inch tablet before the end of 2014.

The most recent report around HTC's future plans though is that it is planning to launch a new Windows Phone handset and that it will be based on its current Android flagship the HTC One

So it will have the same premium metal finish, the same impressive internal specifications, but it will run Windows Phone 8.1 rather than Android KitKat. Reports also suggest that this handset will be called the W8 rather than the M8.