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11 a.m. to 1 a.m., PTI
All, August 10, 2004
Home Delivery: No. Parking On Weekdays/Weekends: Easy. Efficient valet service. The city's first bar to be inspired by cricket, Champions and its pool table wear a forlorn look during the day (which makes the bar an ideal venue for a business meeting or a quiet getaway), but there's a buzz as the evening progresses, though we wish we didn't have to suffer the live band. But maybe we're in a hopeless minority in musical matters. You can sit by the bar on one of the bar stools, or lounge about playing pool, or, better still, sink into one of the comfy leather couches. Neither the cocktails, nor the snacks offer anything new, but no barman can go wrong with a Cosmpolitan, Tom Collins, Vodkatini, Singapore Sling, Rusty Nail, or Long Island Iced Tea, so you can happily go drinking at Champions.

Meal for Two: Rs. 1,000

AC: Yes

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