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Sanjay Kumar (HindustanTimes.com), PTI
New Delhi, April 06, 2005
Q. After the Congress-JMM "unilateral" seat-sharing accord for next month's assembly polls in Jharkhand, Lalu Prasad announced that the RJD does not need Congress in Bihar. Now, the party has softened its stand on the issue. What are the reasons for this somersault?
A. The anger of the RJD chief is totally justified. The Congress did not consult us before announcing the seats in Jharkhand. Even Congress president Sonia Gandhi was misled on the seat-sharing in Jharkhand. Arjun Singh and party, assigned with the task of finalising the seat-sharing in Bihar and Jharkhand, told Sonia that we have given RJD enough seats. She was given the impression by the team that everything has been done keeping in confidence all the parties involved in the alliance, including the RJD.

Q. Interrupted...was it not the responsibility of the Congress president to seek details?
A. She is the party president and it is not possible for her to keep track of minute details. Later on, realising the gravity of the situation, she asked Arjun Singh to talk to the RJD chief and sort out the matter.

Q. Which means the Congress is going to announce a fresh seat-sharing formula for Jharkhand?
A. Yes, that goes without saying. Talks are going on and the outcome is expected soon.