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HT Correspondent, PTI
Lucknow, January 05, 2006
DGP YASHPAL Singh today asked IG Gorakhpur Vinay Kumar Verma to send a report on the role of his wife Gita Singh in connection with the bungalow grabbing case in Gonda on December 24. This follows after Gita Singh’s letter to principal secretary (Home) Alok Sinha yesterday. Instead of directly replying, the DGP has pushed the ball in the IG’s court. With prevailing uncertainty in the department, it is indeed a ticklish job for Verma.

The Home department’s decision to seek the DGP’s report on the letter is being seen as a “double-edged” weapon to expose all those involved in the case.

Gita Singh in her letter said Shiv Bux Singh was her associate and he was present at the time of the Gonda incident. Inquiries today revealed that Shiv Bux Singh was a criminal against whom 11 cases of dacoity, armed robberies, rioting and cases under SC/ST Act were pending in Gonda.

The Gonda police, however, said Singh’s history-sheet could not be opened because of “certain inexplicable reasons”.

While Gita Singh in her letter accused DIG range Gonda, Safi A Rizvi, of demanding Rs. 2 lakh from Shiv Bux Singh for handing over the possession of the PAC bungalow, senior IPS officers here said in view of Shiv Bux Singh criminaql record, “Gita Singh’s allegations against Rizvi looked concocted”.

Shiv Bux is one of the accused along with Gita Singh and one Amar Singh in the house grabbing case. The history-sheet of Shiv Bux was today forwarded to the government.

Rizvi along with DIG PAC DC Pandey met Gita Singh on December 24 night to persuade her to vacate the bungalow, as she did not have legal papers to take the possession. She, however, did not like the DIGs’ role, who instead of supporting, asked her not to precipitate the crisis.

It was because of Rizvi’s persuasion that Gita Singh agreed to leave the house late in the night on December 24. The matter was then reported to the DGP also.