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Press Trust Of India
December 03, 2002
Ronita: Hi Jimmy! How did you get your first break?
JS: My first break was Maachis. I had met Gulzar saab at that point of time.  I wanted to be an Assistant to Director in his production unit.  But instead I landed up doing the role in his film.

Sobia: Hi jimmy, how are you? so in what are your forthcoming releases ?and yes, you were great in Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar...
JS: Thanks a lot Sobia  My next film is Haasil And the other ones I have just started shooting so they will be out later on, next year.

Ushasharma1975: Who is your idol?
JS: I have no idols!

Khush_neha: My query is, how do you know that your decisions are right, how do you Judge them?
JS: I just follow my heart. This is a film that I want to act in, these are the people whom I want work with, etc. In this field you have to trust your head and then go ahead.

Richa_vatsala: What do you look for in a girl?
JS: In a girl I look for is, hmm... I have shut that topic forever in my life because I am married. And I have stopped looking at girls.

Karan: What is your pet name?
JS: Jimmy is my pet name. My real name is Jasjit.

Sonam: What is your idea of a romantic date?
JS: My idea of a romantic date would is to be together with the one I love and doing things that I like.  We could go out together, watch a movie and all. It also depends on where we are. If I were in Bombay, I would probably go towards town (the main Bombay). I personally love South Bombay. I love the feel of town - we call it town as we are towards suburbs.  I love the feel of the place - the buildings, the entire structure of the old buildings - great fun!

Geetaji: What kind of movies do you look forward to doing? Comedy, romance or action?
JS: All kinds of films. I don't want to limit myself to a particular kind or pattern. I want to do all kinds of films.

Ushasharma1975: What are your hobbies?
JS: I love watching movies, collecting DVDs, working out - that's it!

Nisha: How has being a celebrity affected you? Do girls mob you wherever you go?
JS: It has not really affected me in any particular way, but it's nice to know that people recognise you. It's a part of being a part of this profession. It's a nice feeling when people come up to you, talk to you and take your autographs.

Veenub: Hi, I was watching Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai. You were quite good in it.
JS: Thanks a lot yaar!

Dimple: Who all do you dream of being paired with?
JS: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Ushasharma1975: What are your future plans?
JS: As of now, I would like to just keep acting.

Ronita: How did Mohabbatein happen?
JS:  One fine day I got a call from the office of Yashraj  Films.  I went and met them. Then I screen tested for a long time (10-15 days) and finally I was told that I was doing the film.

Girish: Do your have a website?
JS: There are some sites, but they are not mine, as in other people have put them up. You can type in my name in HT search to find more information on me. I have not really put up any site about me as of now.

Kajal: Are you doing any serious roles?
JS: Watch out for Haasil. It's is a hard-hitting film. It's about the coming of age of this boy. It's going to be a cult film. It deals with real issues.

Parneet_83: When is your birthday?
Jimmy Shergill: 3rd of December

Ushasharma1975: How did u manage time for chatting?
JS: There's always time for you! I took the time out for talking to you.
Sweetaryan: Jimmy, how was it to work with Amitabh and SRK?
JS: Great!!! I learnt a lot from them! It was definitely a memorable experience.

Parneet_83: Can I have your  email id  so that I can send  you a card on your birthday?
JS: shergilljimmy@hotmail.com. In case it goes back to you, please send again. Many times my mailbox gets blocked.

Shivajeed: With the film industry incurring such huge losses, what are your plans for the future?
JS: My plans are OK. I will keep acting and doing films. That's about it!

ShakkirY: How old is Jimmy Shergill and is he married?
JS: I am 31 years old. I am both married and happy

Ushasharma1975: What are your qualifications?
JS: I have done B. Com Honours. I am a graduate.

Ushasharma1975: Which is your favorite movie?
JS: The American History X - starring Edward Norton. 

PrinceUSA: Jimmy, where was your movie, Kehta Hai Dil Baar Baar, shot?
JS: It was shot in Manhattan and also in New Jersey. It was also shot in Lake Placid, NY.

AbhiDoll: Jimmyji, was acting a conscious career choice?
JS: I never wanted to be an actor initially. It was something that just happened. I was going to do my MBA but acting was something that happened in the middle.

Parneet_83: How did you feel about Dil Hai Tumhaara
JS: It was a woman-oriented film revolving around Rekha, Mahima and Preity. I had a special appearance in the film. I was happy to do the film. 

Abhi doll: How does it feel when people ask you about your personal life?
JS: That's ok! As long as you know how to answer them (smiles)

PrinceUSA: Did you like shooting in USA?
JS:  I loved shooting in the US. I loved NYC. The entire unit of the film was from America. They were a Hollywood film unit. It was great fun.

Abhi_Doll: Jimmy what was your parents' reaction when came to know about your venture into films?
JS: They've always been very supportive of whatever I wanted to do. It's only because of their support that I have survived here for nine years. I didn't even know anybody from the film industry. I stuck on just because of their support. I could have gone back toDelhi anytime but they were always telling me - your time will come, just wait.

Parneet_83: Jimmy did you have a love marriage?
JS: I had a love cum arranged marriage. I was seeing my wife for around 4 1/2 years and just been around a year and half since we are married. It was more of a love marriage.

Ushasharma1975: What's your wife's name?
JS: Her name is Priyanka.

Manjula: You don't believe in saying hi. Jimmy?
JS: Hi to you and everyone.

Manjula: Jimmy, why did you choose films as your profession?
JS: It just happened.  I came to Bombay for acting classes and then I realised that this is what I want to do.

Sunny: How do you describe yourself as, a star or an actor?
JS: I don't know how to answer that. As an actor, I think that I am learning from every single film of mine. I don't ever want to reach the stage of a complete actor. I always want to keep learning. I don't know about star or an actor. This is for other people to say.  Like they say, stars are meant to be in sky! I just want to be down here.

Soniya: Which director would you like to work with?
JS: As of now, Gulzar Saab.  I am dying to work with Gulzar Saab.

Simplegirl123: Who is your favorite actor?
JS: Edward Norton.

Ushasharma1975: If you get an opportunity to change the past, what would you do?
JS: I don't think I will waste time in changing my past! I'd rather think about my future.

Abhi_Doll: Are you doing more films for Yashraj Productions?
JS: Let's see! I hope so. I hope that I do more films with them. They have a great way of working. The entire process is very good. It's a pleasure working with Yashraj.

Kamalkhanwani: Your look in Maachis was excellent -- just like those Hollywood actors
JS: We're trying to get more of those looks in my forthcoming film. So let's see.

Parneet_83: Which are your favourite lyrics?
JS: Favorite lyrics will be; Yeh jo halka halka saroor hai, yeh teri nazar ka kasoor hai ke sharab peena sikha diya mujhe ek sharabi bana diya

Jassi14: What about negative roles?  Do you have anything of that sort in the pipeline?
JS: Maybe in the future, Yes.

Ilaskar: Hey Jimmy, are you going to make some action packed movies?
JS: Most of my films are going to be action packed now. And deadly action!

Jjassi14: Tell us something about your student days?
JS: I won't say that I was a great student. I was more into debates, sports, adventure activities (mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing). I used to go through my books at the last stage. I was not the bookworm kind. I read at the last moment and managed to get through with 70-80%.

Simplegirl123: Which films are you working on these days?
JS: Films that are work these days have tentative titles. I have just started shooting for them. I won't like to disclose them now. Once they are confirmed and registered, I can tell them. But they are all action packed films.

Ushasharma1975: How do you handle your fans?
JS: I guess the only way to handle fans is with switches!!

Sunny: Who is your first love? Did you like somebody from your class or school in your childhood? Do you believe in love at first sight?
JS: I think I married my first love! The first time I fell in love with a person, I married that person. Love at first sight!