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Atul Mathur, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, August 03, 2009
Did you jump a traffic light on your way home late last night? Think twice before you do so the next time, for trying to save those few precious seconds can land you in big trouble. An analysis of road accidents by Delhi Traffic Police shows speeding and disregard for traffic rules caused almost 70 per cent of the accidents last year.

Goods vehicles, especially big trucks, top the list of vehicles that cause accidents, while pedestrians form the biggest chunk of accident victims on Capital’s roads.

Road environment was to be blamed in 143 cases (7 per cent), while faulty road design and road conditions caused 68 accidents (3 per cent).

Joint Commissioner of Police (traffic) S N Shrivastava said in as many as 1806 accidents in 2008, drivers were at fault.

“That is one of the reasons why we have increased prosecution of vehicles breaking traffic rules manifold in comparison to last year,” he said.

According to the statistics provided by the traffic police, 2015 persons lost their lives in 2568 accidents on Delhi roads in 2008. The figure stood at 2005 people in 2007.

Till June 15 this year, the number of deaths in road accidents has reached the figure of 916.

Victims too at fault

Rash driving, pedestrians crossing roads abruptly, lane indiscipline, boarding or de-boarding a moving vehicle, sudden application of brakes and drink driving caused many fatal accidents. In 171 (7 per cent) cases last year, the victims were at fault.  “Two-wheeler riders often drive rashly and become victims,” Shrivastava said.

Faults on roads

There are several stretches in Delhi, especially in northwest Delhi, where either the central verge is missing or there is a pit on the road. Design fault, sharp turns and bumpy roads also cause accidents.

Poor site management at construction sites also caused accidents. Shrivastava said criminal cases were filed against agencies and contractors in cases where motorists died due to poor site management.