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New Delhi, August 31, 2009
Nepal's ex-prince Paras, son of the former Nepal king Gyanendra, has been linked to a fake currency racket run by India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim. This was revealed by two Nepali nationals caught by the Madhya Pradesh ATS. The two Nepali nationals, suspected to be Dawood aides, caught while trying to smuggle in the fake currency notes into India, revealed this vital information during interrogation. They also revealed that a prominent minister's son Yunus Ansari was working as as the conduit between King Gyanendra's son Paras and underworld kingpin Dawood Ibrahim, who between them have been pushing crores of fake currency into India.

According to media reports, Dawood is responsible for the printing and manufacture of the fake currency, while Paras arranges for the transit of the money from other countries into Nepal and then its flow into India.

Paras reportedly used his influence to ensure the money reached the transit points on the India-Nepal border without any hitch.