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January 11, 2010
A Facebook campaign encouraging women to post the colour of their bra to encourage breast cancer awareness has raised many eyebrows over the past few days. Even as Indians on Facebook were busy revealing the colour of their lingerie on Facebook, not everyone took to the campaign.

However, volunteers who work with breast cancer awareness programmes, opined that the campaign may not be such a bad idea. As long as the campaign gets the message across, I don't see any problem," Sheroo Kheswalla, volunteer with the Indian Cancer Society that produces breast prostheses for women affected by breast cancer told a tabloid.

"In my days, it was a pink ribbon. I didn't know that this is how you did it now," agreed Dr Asha Kapadia, head of oncology at P D Hinduja hospital. "Seriously, one in 24 women in Mumbai suffer from breast cancer. Whatever the medium, the message is important," she told the tabloid.