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Jayanth Jacob, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, March 02, 2010
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday reiterated that he is ready to walk the extra mile to open a new chapter in relations between India and Pakistan, predicating it with Islamabad taking decisive action against terrorism. Singh stressed that "if Pak cooperates with, there is no problem that we cannot solve" in his historical address at the Majlis Al-Shura, the Saudi equivalent of a parliament.
Later talking to reporters on board, he said "…whosoever I meet, the world leaders, I convey to them, that all problems between India and Pakistan can be resolved through meaningful bilateral dialogue, if only Pakistan would take a more reasonable attitude in dealing with those terrorist elements who target our country". He was answering to a question on his hopes and relationship with Pakistan, as he reiterated the offer to walk the extra mile in Saudi, which carries a lot of symbolism.
"I hope that the world community gets the right message that India is a victim of terrorism that we have a situation where our neighbour has promised unambiguously not to allow its territory for perpetrating terrorist attacks directed against India and yet, on the ground, progress has been rather nil", Singh pointed out.
This is the first comments from Prime Minister after the foreign secretary level talks on February 25, marking the re-opening of the dialogue process.
"If there is cooperation between India and Pakistan, vast opportunities will open up for trade, travel and development that will create prosperity in both countries and in South Asia as a whole. But to realize this vision, Pak must act decisively against terrorism. If Pak cooperates with, there is no problem that we cannot solve and we can walk the extra mile to open a new chapter in relations between our two countries", Singh said at the Shura.
"I did discuss the Indo-Pak relations with His Majesty on a one-to-one basis. I explained to him the role that terrorism, aided, abetted and inspired by Pak is playing in our country. And I did not ask for him to do anything other than to use his good offices to persuade Pak to desist from this path", Singh said when sought his view on Saudi being a "credible interlocutor" between the two countries.
The Prime Minister said Saudi Arabian leadership has a better understanding of the predicament that we face.
"There is great deal of sympathy and support for India's point of view, that what we are asking is very reasonable", Singh said.