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June 25, 2010
Fans of the vuvuzela rejoice and critic cringe as YouTube has made it possible to hear the loud, grating horn over more than just soccer matches. Certain videos now have a vuvuzela button, shaped like a soccer ball, which produces the distinctive horn blast over the video's audio, Mashable reports.

As if we haven’t been hearing the buzzing sound of vuvuzelas enough in the last couple of days, YouTube has decided to grace us with a dedicated vuvuzela button.

The football-shaped button sits in the lower right corner, and does precisely what you feared: It produces the dreadful vuvuzela sound.

If you haven’t been following the World Cup and you’re not familiar with the term “vuvuzela,” it’s a plastic horn that produces a loud monotone that takes all of about five seconds to get on your nerves.