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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, July 19, 2010
About 7.11 lakh children under the age of five were administered the polio vaccine in the immunisation drive on Sunday. It was the first time that a bivalent vaccine (containing two strains of the polio virus) was used in the city. The bivalent vaccine was launched in New Delhi in February.

There are three strains of the polio virus – P1, P2 and P3. The P2 strain has been eradicated but cases of P1 and P3 strains still occur.

"We have been using vaccines, containing either the P1 or the P3 strains. But the bivalent vaccine that we used today for the first time, has both the strains. It will help eradicate both these strains," said Dr Mangala Gomare, immunisation-charge, BMC.

The drive was conducted in 5,200 booths.