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Kiran Sonawane, Hindustan Times
Ulhasnagar, August 01, 2010
A gas leak was reported at 7.30 am on Saturday from the gas storage tank of AS Chemo Pharma in Mharal village near Kalyan. Residents complaining of burning eyes and foul smell ran away from the area. Within 15 minutes, the fire brigade had reached the spot. No injuries were reported. P.D. Jagtap, field officer, Pollution Board, said: “It’s just an accident, our team is investigating the cause. If we find any fault on the company’s part, we will take action. We have informed the company to stop production till a new tank is installed and inspected by experts.”

AS Chemo Pharma is a chemical company that produces PTS Chloride and OTS Chloride, used in hospitals and laboratories. Company officials refused to comment.