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New Delhi, October 07, 2010
Thanks to Bigg Boss, Ashmit Patel's MMS sex clip has become one of the most searched videos on Google. Titled 'Riya-Ashmit new MMS scandal' the clip was re-uploaded on YouTube on October 5.

Not just the video but the two kissing scenes the pair shared in a movie are also being watched. At last count, there were 126,641 views and rising.

The clip was the 27th most popular search on Google on Wednesday and made around 522,542 views on another popular portal Dailymotion.com. It was also the most discussed topic on a TV forum tracking daily shows.

Riya-AshmitIt's ironic in the sense that Ashmit Patel went into the Bigg Boss House to steer clear of the MMS controversy. And it seems, he's revived the controversy himself by coming on the show.

Apparently the clip has become more popular this time than when it was released the first time.