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HT Live Correspondent
Allahabad, February 21, 2006
INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED documentary filmmaker Ali Kazimi's work will be screened at Career Coaching auditorium in the city on Thursday. 'Continuous Journey', the 87-minute award winning documentary of this NRI based in Canada is a complex tale of hope, despair, treachery and tragedy which revolves around the theme of Indian migrants to Canada. The work, has already won multiple awards, claimed his mother Mariam Kazimi Siddiqui.

Ali who rose to fame with documentary titled 'Narmada: A valley rises' has an Allahabad connection as his parents Mariam and Mujeeb have settled here post retirement.

"It was when people here came to know about the position my son holds in the international media they approached me for the screening of 'Continuous journey'," she said while talking to HT Allahabad Live.

Ali, who began his career as a self-taught still photographer went to Canada in 1983 on a scholarship to study film production at York University and since then it has been no seeing back for him.

He had received hundreds of international awards for some dozens of documentaries on varied topics.

He is expected to pay a visit to Allahabad soon", her mother confirmed.

His film's include, some kind of arrangement (1998); Passage from India (1997); Shooting Indians (1997); and, Narmada: A valley rises (1994). His films have been screened on the international festival circuit, and been broadcast on CBC Newsword, TV Ontario, Vision TV, Channel 4 in the Uk and PBS among others. 

He has also worked as director on a number of television documentary series such as Little Miracles (Life Network) and Med Students (Life Network), Exhibit A:The Secrets of Forensic Science (Discovery Canada) and Firestation (Discovery Canada). 

As cinematographer, Kazimi has brought to television several acclaimed and award- winning documentaries A Song for Tibet (NFB/DLI Prods.), Bollywood Bound (NFB), The Journey of Lesra Martin (NFB),Going to Extremes - Wet and Surviving Extremes - Swamp (Keo Films/Channel 4/ Nat. Geo./Discovery Canada). He has shot films in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, the U.K., the U.S.A , Bosnia, Italy, Turkey, Namibia, Indonesia and Morocco.

In addition to his creative roles, Kazimi has worked as a film/video instructor. He was the President of the Independent Film and Video Alliance 1992-93, and the Co-Chair of the Canadian Independent Film Caucus - Toronto, 1996-97. He is a member of the Documentary Organisation of Canada, the Director's Guild of Canada, and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.