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Nandini Guha, Hindustan Times
March 31, 2011
Aam pora shorbot. Nimboo paani. Biscuits and chilled mineral water. Even as candidates begin to travel far and wide into their constituencies to meet the electorate, they are taking extra precautions to beat the summer sun and the ailments that come along with it. Cautious about spending long hours in the sun, Tollywood star Chiranjeet, the Trinamool candidate from Barasat, is not taking a chance with his diet. Usually out to meet voters twice a day, Chiranjeet prefers to keep his meals simple - macher jhol bhaat and boiled veggies. "I also carry ORS and nimbu paani on my trips to the far flung wards. When it is hotter, I'll also be carrying aam pora shorbot since it keeps the body cool," the Tollywood star told HT.

Ajit Panja's daughter-in-law, Sashi Panja, a doctor, is religiously drinking coconut water every time she steps out in the sun. "I also carry an ORS drink with me when I step out in the heat. You get them in all kinds of flavours these days. I avoid tea and coffee and try to eat a light lunch when I get back home," said Panja, the Trinamool candidate from Shyampukur.

Fuad Halim, son of the outgoing Speaker of the West Bengal State Legislative Assembly, Hashim Abdul Halim, is gorging on fruits and veggies to keep himself cool before the hectic door-to-door campaigns in his constituency Ballygunge. "In the mornings, I have a glass of fresh fruit juice, eggs, boiled veggies before stepping out. I have portions of fruits like watermelon and cucumber before I set out for the campaigns in the evenings. The trick is to prevent heat exhaustion and salt deprivation," Halim told said.

Thespian Bratya Basu, contesting on a Trinamool ticket from Dum Dum, is also having a light breakfast comprising chapatis and sabzi before stepping out for his morning meetings with the electorate. "Once I'm out of my house, I just keep drinking water and, sometimes, nimboo paani," Basu told HT.

Thus, this election time, the flavour of the season is to eat right by eating light. Neta, carry on!