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Press Trust Of India
May 19, 2003
Language: Norwegian with English subtitles
Time: 48 mins
Price: Rs. 450 Available formats: VHS (VCD-Transferred from VHS)
Produced by: Television Trust for the Environment (TVE)

Bangladesh is hit by monsoon rains every June flooding the world's largest delta, fertilizing the fields and replenishing peasants' fish ponds. But the year 1987 saw a calamity of a degree the populace wasn't familiar with. The heavy monsoons were the deadliest in the last 30 years. Donors from around the world stepped in to help setting up a new Flood Action Plan (FAP). But despite the best of intentions the FAP has failed, says Bjorn Vassness in his documentary. The crucial difference being the lack of foresight as the FAP didn't consult the locals and their needs.

Distributed by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)