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Sonakshi Babbar, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, June 04, 2011
After skimpily clad women paraded the streets worldwide, Delhi is gearing up for its own Slutwalk on June 25. The capital will become the runway for women to claim their right to wear what they want. On May 28th, Melbourne saw women dressed in fishnet stockings, revealing corsets and butt-hugging shorts, participating in the Slutwalk – to claim their right to be sexy without being branded as 'sluts asking for rape'.

Slut Walk was first held in Toronto this year after a police officer outraged women world over when he said in a speech to university students "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." What started, as a protest in one city has spread over 60 cities worldwide to bring attention to society's penchant to blame victims of sexual assault by saying they were asking for it.

The Toronto Sluwalk's organisers, are encouraging people all over the world to seize the moment. Here's what their Facebook page says: "When we began Slutwalk, it was in our city as a response to a specific dynamic in Toronto and we had a very specific hope in mind: to demand better from protective services and institutions in our city of Toronto; we wanted to loudly and fiercely fight victim-blaming and slut-shaming mentalities and ideas that persistently circulate around sexual assault in our city and our country."

With Delhi joining the movement, the Erin Brockovichs and Elle Woods of the city are thrilled about the 'walk to http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/HTEditImages/Images/slutwalk-women.jpgliberation'.

Aparna Sharma, a student of Delhi University is kicked about the walk. She says: "Finally, something liberating for women of this highly harassed city! I have already selected the skimpiest clothing from my wardrobe, it's an opportunity to prove to the prudes that a woman's integrity is in her heart and not in what she wears. A woman should be able to do exactly what she wants to do to feel emancipated, it's her body, her choice."

The Slutwalk has been branded a 'social movement', which has seen participation of women from all walks of life walking for the cause in the last two months.

Carrying placards with parodies and theatrical quotes, they are making their point with élan.

With placards screaming, 'Met a slut today? Don't assault her', 'We're here, we're sluts, get used to it,' the modern feminists are ready for their carpe diem. And guess who's extending solidarity? The beings from Mars, who are seen carrying saying - 'She shouldn't have to hang out with me just to feel safe'.

Slutwalks have made a point in Toronto, Melbourne, Brisbane, Saskatoon and Montreal,  more cities are joining this global mission. Some of the upcoming walks are:

San Diego - June 11

Chicago - June 4

Edmonton - June 4

Amsterdam - June 4

Sweden - June 4

Denmark - June 4

Brazil - June 4

Canberra - June 4

Los Angeles - June 4

Cardiff - June 4

San Diego - June 11

New Delhi - June 25

Will you attend the Delhi Slutwalk?