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HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, June 27, 2011
Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa on Monday opposed the idea of Prime Minister coming under the purview of the lokpal, saying it could have an impact on the security and lead to a situation “where foreign powers may try to use the institution to destabilise the government.” In an interview to Times Now, the CM said the proposed Lokpal Bill should exclude the PM as he was already covered under the Prevention of Corruption Act, and “any misconduct by the PM can be investigated by the CBI.”

Adopting a line different from her political rival and UPA ally, the DMK, she said, “Sometimes the lokpal could be used by foreign powers to destabilise the government.”

“When a complaint against the PM is put before the lokpal, the former will be on the defensive and will be occupied in defending himself. In such an event, how can the government function?” Jayalalithaa said.

She maintained that the functioning of the lokpal, inclusive of the PM would pave the way for a parallel government, which would undermine the authority of the PM.

“Tamil Nadu hasn’t given its view as no final draft has been arrived at. The lokpal is much more than envisaged…The state’s view can be formulated only after the final draft is given in Parliament,” she added.

The AIADMK chief has also opposed the communal violence bill, saying it encroaches on state’s powers.