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August 25, 2011
In an exclusive interview with Omar Qureshi on Zoom, Salman Khan was his usual amicable, non-committal self. In response to Omar's, "Who do you think is the most overrated Bollywood heroine?", the actor was quick to quip, "Are you mad or what? They're all underrated right now" And pat came the response, "Katrina" when Omar quizzed Khan about his choice for the sexiest Bollywood heroine.

When Omar moved on to more personal questions about Khan's romantic pursuits, the actor was more emphatic in response.

"Marriage plans? Of course, yes!" he said and repeated over and over again. "I gave you your promo shot," he mocks. "Abhi time hai thoda sa (There's still some time), not yet," he adds.

Wonder who he's planning to marry? So Omar asked, "A man in your position and with your looks can date any girl in the world? Suppose you could, who would you date?"

At this Salman covered his face and responded, "Right now, you have no idea how much I am trying. How much I'm trying... won't tell you for whom, but no luck. Seriously."