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Sebastian Vettel
October 31, 2011
This was my first visit to India, and I've come back very impressed. People tell you cricket is the most popular sport, but you will tend to believe otherwise when you see almost 100,000 fans in the stands cheering for you. You will think motorsport has a big following. It may not be the case, but it will grow surely. The Red Bull team had done many events here. So I thought we should have a little support in India. But I was amazed to see the huge number of fans wearing Red Bull Racing shirts and waving flags, cheering for Mark and me. Just incredible!

India is very different from Europe. The sights and sounds here teach you so many things. The various cultures, different backgrounds, but they still live happy together. I liked my drive to the Taj Mahal in Agra. I don't think I'd be able to drive here, but I enjoyed the sights of greenery, very different from the city. I was also amused to know that some Bollywood movies were made in my hometown of Heppenheim. No wonder I felt so comfortable around here!

Having practiced on the simulators, you know nothing but the real thing will finally get you ready for race day. But India was something else. To win on a track you have never driven on will always be a proud moment and that too in the first ever race. Driving on Friday gave me a feel for the track.

Dog not a big deal
The dog running across was funny, but we've had similar incidents at other tracks and it's something we have learnt to take in our stride. The track was fast and the elevated sections running into the turns threw up challenges making this very interesting.  

What I love most is when we have a good Sunday with a great race. I was surprised that the race went by pretty quickly. It's a good sign, because that means you enjoy the circuit and there are some great corners, high speed corners which we usually enjoy a lot, because it put us on the limit, the cars on the limit.

Once we have more races here, the dust will settle and not trouble the drivers. Having had debuts in different places, this will be one of the races that settle in very quickly and we will all be happy to come back. Even though there has only been one race so far, I'm already looking forward to next year especially since the women here are very beautiful. I'll try to learn some more Hindi, maybe from Bollywood movies, to be able to impress them in 2012!'

(Sebastian Vettel is the 2010 and 2011 Formula one World Champion)