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Associated Press
New York, November 18, 2011
Around the US, people want to weigh in about the Occupy Wall Street protests  from CEOs and politicians to average citizens. So far the talk has translated into little action. Two months into the movement, with police dismantling the encampments one by one  city by city, few politicians or policymakers have publicly taken up the protesters cause and done anything to address corporate excesses and economic inequality.

But some political observers say the demonstrators have changed the conversation in the US, and that is a big first step.

"They've shifted the centre of gravity of the debate so that the whole question of wealth and privilege is now being discussed," said William Galston, an analyst. "In a democracy  what people are talking about matters."

But examples of real, measurable Occupy-inspired change in the political sphere are hard to come by.

As for why the protesters have yet to turn the conversation into major action, some political observers said the movement has never really clarified its policy objectives and is hampered by a lack of clear-cut leadership.