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Minakshi Saini, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 12, 2012
Friday the 13th is here again, but this time, it won’t haunt you. Astrologers say the otherwise unlucky day will prove significantly auspicious this month, as it coincides with the festival of Lohri and the Hindu New Year’s Eve. In fact, they insist that it  is one of the luckiest days of the year as it falls just before Makar Sankranti and is influenced by the Sun, Venus, Uranus, Mercury and Moon.

“As this date sums up to one, representing the Sun, it will bring good luck for all  due to Saubhagya Yoga, and the Sun-Venus alignment will prove lucky for babies born on this day,” says astrologer Vikram Mehta.

So, while gynaecologists would otherwise be flooded with requests to push deliveries to a day later, this time, just the opposite is happening.

Dr Ruchi Malhotra of Apollo Clinic says, “To-be moms want to deliver on Lohri as it is auspicious. No one has raised any objection to Friday the 13th as their delivery date,” she says.

Dr VS Sehgal of Balaji Clinic says, “There’s not even one case of postponement. Rather, we have two patients who have pre-shifted their dates to the 13th!”