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Peeyush Khandelwal, Hindustan Times
Ghaziabad, January 25, 2012
A 24-year-old MBA student fell off a high-rise in Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram  under mysterious circumstances on Tuesday morning.
Police said she fell in a state of shock after receiving a “prank call” about her brother’s death. She suffered critical injuries in her spine and head. Her brother is safe.

The incident took place at SPS Residency in Indirapuram where the student was staying at a paying guest accommodation with several others. She was doing her MBA from Noida. The victim is a native of Alwar district in Rajasthan.

She received a call saying her brother, who is currently studying at an engineering college in Kota, had died in an accident.

Police officials confirmed that her family at Alwar also received such a call around 2-3am on Tuesday and were very disturbed about it.

“The woman was alone at her accommodation as her other roommates had gone out. After getting the call, she went into a state of shock and depression over the news related to her brother and fell off the first floor of the high-rise. She has suffered serious injuries,” Kamlesh Bahadur, circle officer (CO), told Hindustan Times.

Later, when the anonymous call was verified by the woman’s family, they found that their son was safe and sound and had not met with any such incident as they were told of over the phone.

“Someone probably tried to play a prank on the family members and called them as well as the victim at Ghaziabad.

The information was found to be untrue, but led to the tragic incident,” the circle officer added.

Police said that the woman’s family members should lodge separate police complaints against the caller.