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Neha Sharma, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, February 01, 2012
Even as filmmaker Farah Khan told HT City in an interview on Tuesday that she was going to snap all ties with actor Shah Rukh Khan for assaulting her husband Shirish Kunder, by late evening that day, their U-turn was making headlines on TV channels.

Elaborating on how Farah’s brother, filmmaker Sajid Khan, took them to Shah Rukh’s house for reconciliation, Kunder is now proclaiming newfound bonhomie with SRK. “We were all angry and we had said those things because there was animosity and misunderstandings. But now that we’ve had a heart-to-heart chat, Shah Rukh, Gauri, Farah and I are better friends than we ever were.”

Kunder, however, maintains that he did not say sorry, as was reported by some. “It was mutual. Fights happen. There are lot of things at a party ... sometimes it’s alcohol speaking. Maybe, being the younger one, I should not have reacted so aggressively.” He says it was not just him; SRK too wanted peace. “It was a mutual wish to end the fight because it was hurting everyone ... we had to put our egos aside.”


He says that his anti-Ra.One tweet also came up in the discussion. “I told him (SRK) that it was in good humour. I poke fun at a lot of things. I praised Don2 on Twitter. He understood my point.”