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Press Trust Of India
September 01, 2003
The solution is simple and small, at 734Kb. Download a freeware called SecretMaker. A pop-up killer, a spam-fighter, a cookie-eraser, a history-cleaner, and a privacy-protector designed for the needs of most Windows users for private or business use. For your children, download and install Net Nanny 5.0, a parental control software that blocks objectionable web sites. With it, you can apply time limits to net access, restrict internet games, file-sharing, and other Internet applications. You can also filter words and phrases, monitor Internet usage, and customise settings for everyone or each user individually. Get both of these from cnet.com/downloads, by searching for each in the search-box at the top-right. You will also find 734 additional utilities to help you secure and protect your privacy while accessing the internet. Find them on the page, by clicking on the 'Internet' section, and then on the 'online privacy' link.