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Rashid Irani, Hindustan Times
February 11, 2012
Direction: Lisa Azuelos
Cast: Demi Moore, Miley Cyrus
Rating: 1/2 It's only the second week of February but it seems unlikely that we'll see a worse film in 2012 than this teen-oriented drivel. Derived from a 2008 French flick of the same name, Lol is guilty of a muddled script, atrocious acting and lifeless direction, discourtesy Lisa Azuelos who also helmed and co-wrote the original.

A Chicago high-school girl (Cyrus, who should revert to her day job of pop singer) lives with her domineering, divorced mother (Moore, disgraceful). She and her bimbo classmates are only concerned about getting a dream date. Attending lectures and acquiring good grades are, of course, purely optional.

For a bit of diversion, the students are taken on a 'study tour' of France. The film has the dubious distinction of turning Paris into a dull, nondescript city. Almost all the characters — young and old, women as well as men — seem to have applied the same shade of light purple lip-gloss. Or have my eyes been deceiving me?

Either way, Lol isn't worth a damn.