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April 22, 2012
Pop star Rihanna was seen emptying a suspicious looking substance on to her bodyguard’s head while being carried on his shoulders at a Los Angeles music festival.

The picture was tweeted by the singer herself with the caption: Memories don't live like people.

Within minutes of the tweet, more than 1,000 fans had posted comments, with most suggesting she was rolling a cannabis joint, reports The Sun. Fans flooded the post with comments like: “Yep take coke! U gonna die.”

Other tweets
@Trubeauty8: “Chick looks like a druggie.”
@astock913: “I love her music, not her lifestyle. Hope she gets this under control before we have her funeral on TV like Whitney Houston.”
@digitalspyRihanna has a man whose job it is to keep her drugs on his head? Though I'm sure it's just sherbert.


A disappointed parent wrote: “I have a ten-year-old daughter who loves her, and I wouldn’t want my child seeing this.”

Party animal Rihanna was earlier seen at the Coachella festival smoking and the singer herself has admitted to smoking marijuana.

Rihanna recently shared racy pictures on Facebook from her holiday in Hawaii, including one where she goes topless, while bathing under a waterfall, with her bikini top in one hand and giving the camera a naughty smile.