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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, May 01, 2012
Play schools do not come under the jurisdiction of either the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) or the Delhi Government. Sometime ago, MCD had requested the state government to regulate and recognise such schools. This is what Delhi’s education minister Arvinder Singh had to say on the issue:

Does the government have any plans to introduce some guidelines to regulate pre-schools?
We don’t plan to control or recognise play schools. However, a road map is being prepared and we are also preparing a list of play schools functioning in Delhi.

If the sector remains unregulated, how would parents decide which play school offers the best facilities or follows correct methods for early childhood development?
Sending children to play schools has become a trend in Delhi. The government did not suggest that children should be sent to play schools; it’s the parents wish and it is up to them parents to ascertain what facilities they want for their children. There can’t be any regulation for play schools.

Most believe their children stand a good chance of getting admission in a school of their choice if they go to a well-known play school first.
During admissions, no weightage is given to play schools. Since there are no interviews for school admissions anymore, there is no point in sending children to play schools.

Should then children be sent to play schools at all?
Children as young as two years old are sent to play schools but it is injustice to the child. However, parents are a better judges and it is for them to decide. The government cannot replace parents or do much policing when it comes to education.

Shouldn’t the government regulate the basic infrastructure required to open a play school?
Local agencies have also been asked to work on it. It is in our interest that the pre-schools have good infrastructure because it concerns the safety of children.