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New Delhi, May 02, 2012
Much like her strip promise during World Cup, Poonam Pandey has overcommitted this time too. The lady has been claiming that Jism director Amit Saxena would be helming her Bollywood debut. But the filmmaker has denied finalising the project.

Amit Saxena says that he hasn't confirmed the project and Poonam Pandey has been giving a wrong impression. "This is appalling. Somebody has jumped the gun on me. I had a couple of informal meetings with the team. I've not confirmed anything, so I didn't want to comment," he told a daily.

Saxena is also upset with a press release circulated by Poonam Pandey's public relations department that says he's upset with the Bhatts.

"This is rubbish and in very poor taste. The Bhatts are like my family. In fact, Mahesh is my mentor and Pooja (Bhatt) was and will always remain a dear friend," Saxena clarified to the daily.

Poonam Pandey on her Bollywood debut
"I've rejected 30 offers.  But there was something very special about this movie. I have heard several story narrations, but this story was unique. I am sure people have not seen something like this before. My character is extremely interesting." 

Poonam Pandey

"It's going to change people's mindset. It will change the way people think about Bollywood. It's radically different from the way films are being made here. I would say, it's not a normal story of a-boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love genre. It's a very different story," she added.