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New Delhi, May 16, 2012
Hugh Hefner’s former fiancée, Crystal Harris, has advice for young ladies, hoping to snare an octogenarian like Hefner — founder of Playboy magazine. The 26-year-old Playboy playmate  became engaged to Hefner in December 2010 after he presented her with a $90,000 (R48.5 lakh approx), 3.39 carat engagement ring.

But Crystal incurred the wrath of media and Playboy fans after she called off the wedding, just five days before the couple were due to walk down the aisle in June last year. For her tips on being with older men, check box above.
Crystal’s TIPS
News.com.au quoted her as saying: 
* Don’t try and change them: “Older men are usually set in their ways, so if you don’t like the way he is, then that’s too bad, you’re not going to change him” 
* Be a good listener - “Hef had the most amazing stories, take it all in”
* Keep things fun - “Take them to new places and try to get them to eat different things, like sushi”